Choosing the right Pot?

Pots are a great way to add colour, interest or texture and plants to any indoor or outdoor space. They can also be used to complement the décor, as a sculptural element or as a centrepiece for your backyard, balcony or home.


The first decision is whether your pot is going to live indoors or outdoors. Generally heavier materials like stone, clay and concrete are a good choice for outdoor pots that will be exposed to the elements, and they tend to be a bit heavier so it’s a good idea to place them where they won’t need to move. Indoor pots tend to be more lightweight like our Modlite range and smaller so they can be easily moved according to your style. But these days pots of all style can suit indoor and outdoor needs.

Reflect your style

Pots WA have a great range of pots to choose from in all sorts of designs, colours and styles. Choose a pot that will suit your style and your home. Timeless and traditional, or contemporary and modern? There are pots to suit every taste.

Size matters

Obviously, all plants need room to grow. Therefore, it’s important to get your plant-to-pot ratio right. For the sake of the plant, choose a pot that will provide enough height and depth to hold the plant. Also, make sure the pot isn’t too big or small for the plant as this will look a bit odd. If you are cluster planting, make sure the Pot and Plants are suitable to make that work.

What material

Pots WA have pots made of natural materials stone and terracotta, which will age gracefully and grow in character. Pots made of materials like glass reinforced cement or composites offer a natural look with the added bonus of being durable, hard wearing and even UV resistant.

Go with the flow: pots and drainage

All plants need adequate drainage, otherwise they’ll drown in excess water. Outdoor pots should have at least one drainage hole to ensure water can run freely through the soil and out the bottom. If the Pot you are choosing is for a water feature, no holes works!! Haha!!

Find your perfect pot

For more great indoor and outdoor garden ideas, check out our full range of pots from Pots WA.