Top care tips for your planter

So you have decided on your planter or pot plant, ordered, had it delivered and chosen your plant…Now what?

Here are our frequently asked questions, that will help you to get your potted garden thriving. Find out more below or DM us anytime on socials @pots_wa with questions.


Tip 1

Do you need drainage holes?

Some of our planters will have predrilled drainage holes and a plug included in the design. We recommend to check the watering needs of your plant and the size of your planter to ensure your soil drains accordingly. This will prevent root rot of your plant and potential cracking of ceramic.

Tip 2

Does your pot need some feet for extra drainage?

Most plants don’t like to be sitting in soggy soil, so make sure your pot drains well by standing it on some feet. This will help to elevate the pot off the ground, allowing water to drain freely from the holes in its base.


Tip 3

What should I put in the base of my pot?

Once you have your drainage holes it’s time to think about your soils escape route! We recommend a layer of non-organic fly wire or drainage rocks before placing soil into the container. This will mean extra drainage, a happy plant and no soil escaping onto your clean floors.


Tip 4

Do I need potting mix or just some soil?

Every plant will really benefit from growing in good quality soil, so make sure to fill your pot with the best potting mix you can find. Invest in a good quality potting mix – something light and free draining with slow release fertilisers – and your plants will thrive. We know all potting mix just looks like dirt, but like pots, you really do get what you pay for.


Tip 5

Should I seal the outside of my Terracotta or Ceramic pot?

Dehydration is a very real problem when the planters aren’t waterproofed. After all, concrete is highly porous, so the moisture in the soil just seeps out and evaporates quickly, dehydrating the plants’ roots. We supply a great sealant if you have chosen an unglazed or terracotta pot. If your unsure just give us a shout.


Tip 6

It’s winter do I need to bring my clay pot plants inside?

Our Fiberglass, Ultra Modlite and Stonelite ranges have all been created using frost resistant techniques to ensure the cold snaps wont crack the exterior of your beloved pots. Your plants might be a little sad in the cold weather however so make sure you moving your plants based on the growing conditions for each species to ensure they are in optimal conditions.